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Stunning New Footage From Quantic Dream’s New MoCap Game

If you follow Indie MoCap, you know I’m a massive fan of David Cage’s game studio, Quantic Dream. Their titles Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have pushed video game mocap to the limits. They were my inspiration for getting into low budget motion capture. At the E3 gaming conference, Quantic Dream released the second trailer – and the first to […]

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Mocap News: The Simpsons Live, Uncharted 4, & more

Motion capture hit mainstream headlines this week when The Simpsons used the technology to create a live animated episode. You can check out a recap of that episode here, along with some other mocap news from the past week – Entertainment: The Simpsons uses motion capture to create a live episode Mark Rylance on playing a […]

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Tutorial Tuesday: Game Engine Mocap

Many of us saw the incredible Hellblade demonstration at GDC, where developers Ninja Theory used an Xsens inertial suit to perform real-time mocap in the Unreal Engine. Game engine mocap is not limited to one program, however. Game engines are great programs to work with, because they are easy to learn, have large communities of tutorials and resources, and they’re […]

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Tutorial Tuesday: Mocap with iClone 6

Reallusion sells several user-friendly and affordable animation programs, including Crazy Talk and iClone. As time goes by, these programs only become more sophisticated. The latest version of iClone, iClone 6, offers a Kinect-compatible motion capture plugin for real-time mocap. Check out a few tutorials below which feature mocap with iClone 6. If you happen to have iClone 5 PRO laying around, […]

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Mocap News Roundup: Sports, Insomniac for VR, &more

In case you were too busy playing Quantum Break, watching The Jungle Book, or getting lost in your new VR headset, here’s the mocap news you might have missed from April 11th – 18th! VR and Tech News Lockheed Martin’s school bus takes you on a ride across Mars Insomniac Announces Two New Oculus Rift Titles, Dates […]

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Tutorial Tuesday: Mocap With Blender

We’ve covered how to capture motion with Maya and Motion Builder, but today we’re taking things down to an indie level. Blender is a free animation program that has, in recent years, become as powerful as it is popular. Despite the $0 price tag, it is possible to use mocap with Blender, and below are […]

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Mocap News: GPU Conference, BFG Trailer, and More

This week was lively with mocap news, from the trailer drop of Disney’s The BFG to Noitom’s continued promotion of their new technology. Read on to discover the top motion capture stories from April 4th-10th. Motion Capture/Tech News Noitom brings IMU-based Motion Capture to NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference VR revenue could hit $900 million this year […]

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Freebie Friday: iPi Recorder

Every Friday, Indie MoCap posts a free resource for motion capture artists. Sometimes these are just trials, but occasionally we come across full software for free. This week, that program is iPi Recorder, and it comes from the creators of iPi Mocap Studio. What can it do? To quote their website, “iPi Recorder is a free software […]

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Indie Spotlight: Fabrice Visserot

Indie Spotlight is a series that features artists and developers using low-budget or DIY mocap for impressive projects. This week, we are in awe of Fabrice Visserot, a digital artist who used a homemade mocap rig to recreate the character Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. Most of you know that Andy Serkis’s performance as […]

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Tutorial Tuesday: Building a DIY Face Cam for MoCap

Face cams and head rigs are extremely useful for mocappers, as they stay continuously focused on a performer’s face despite the performer’s movement. This hardware can capture facial expressions while the performer is acting out a scene, providing a method to capture face and body motion at the same time. However, these cams can be surprisingly expensive. For an HD motion capture helmet, you could fork […]